The latest Metro is out and I’ve got a toilet comic in it. It had to happen sometime, right?

ladieslores1The funny thing is that straight after this was published I was waiting for a toilet at the Wedding Present gig and the woman in front of me started complaining, ‘C’mon, hurry up, what are they doing in there?’ I wanted to tell her about my comic, because there I illustrate the possibilities. It’s art imitating life imitating art. You should buy it so you can see what happens.

Or else you could wait 6 months and I’ll probably post it here because I’m too busy editing the proofs of my novel to write new comics (and I have so many things to write comics about! Oh, it’s so frustrating having to concentrate!) Here’s one from September or somewhere around then. Click on it and you’ll find a bigger version:


Ver la entrada original



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